MGendys Pty Ltd is a West Australian company that was established in mid 2009 by Shokri and Mina Gendy, father and son, in order to build a corporation that would build innovative IT and IS solutions through its subsidiary businesses. For a number of years, MGendyS Family Trust, a subsidiary of MGendyS Pty Ltd, was focused on consulting and support to other organisations with their IT and IS infrastructure from Perth to many locations across Australia. For a few months, there was a need to establish office in Melbourne to support multiple customers on the east coast of Australia.

In September 2012, MGendyS Family Trust, acquired Computer Cash & Carry, a computer retail business that has existed in Western Australia for over 20 years. Computer Cash & Carry is located at 106b Cambridge Street, West Leederville just kilometres from Perth CBD. This retail business is one that Mina, the cofounder and CEO of MGendyS Pty Ltd, had been employed and familiar with its trading area and reputation. This acquisition was an imperative for MGendyS Pty Ltd to begin its journey on establishing its self in Western Australia and greater support to the general consumer.

In December 2012, MGendyS Pty Ltd founded CCNC Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd in order to extend Computer Cash & Carry (CCNC) into the commercial IT market to assist small to medium enterprises (SME) in gaining managed solutions that were only available at costs manageable by larger corporations, to a more suited budget. CCNC Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd has been established from the same premises as Computer Cash & Carry to maintain a shared workforce within the enterprise.